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We bring a customized approach to the management of non-profit associations, organizations, charities and foundations.

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Having all your association management requirements delivered by one team.

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Non-profit organization expertise and experience when and how you need it.

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Executive level administration to support your board, members and volunteers.

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Governance Financial Management Event Planning Coaching

From day-to-day operations through to single project oversight, we work with volunteer Boards of Directors on strategic planning, fiscal management, marketing and communication, governance, event and conference planning, and meeting management.

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Our Team is Your Team

At Full Slate Association Management, we do more than provide your association with expertise in management and administrative support.

We learn your history and your new initiatives, we build relationships with your volunteers, and we listen to your members.

Your vision and mission become our mission and vision, and our team becomes your team. We work with you to strategically move your non-profit organization forward.

Let us invest our experience, creativity, knowledge, and heart into your association, and work together to meet your association’s goals.

Full Slate Association Management

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The successful governance of a non-profit association is contingent upon the strong working relationships between the Board of Directors, committee members, volunteers and staff. This is achieved through regular communication, collaboration and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

At Full Slate, we work with our client associations to create professional relationships built upon mutual respect. This results in a cohesive leadership team, a positive workplace culture and association growth.

Financial Management

At Full Slate, we understand that sound fiscal policy and management are critical for the continued growth of an organization.

From detailed financial statements, budget development and auditor preparation to investment oversight, we work closely with the treasurer and financial director to ensure your NPO has the information it needs to make financial decisions with confidence.

Event & Meeting Planning

From small virtual board meetings through to large in-person conferences, Full Slate has the expertise to organize and manage your event, so it runs smoothly, exceeds your attendees’ expectations and stays within budget.

We are committed to continuing education to ensure all events meet new and evolving health and safety protocols, can be run virtually, live or as a hybrid, and meet the industry standards of best practice.

Executive Support & Coaching

Being new to the world of non-profit association management as staff, director or committee member can be daunting. What is expected, what are your roles and responsibilities, and how do you navigate successfully?

Full Slate Association Management provides one-on-one coaching to help new executives and volunteers find their leadership strengths, mitigate their weaknesses, and establish a clear path to success.

For experience executives, time and work demands in the non-profit sector can be intense, particularly at key times of the year like fiscal year-end or during conference season. Let us ease your workload during these busy times.

Why choose an AMC?

Working with an Association Management Company means organizations leverage shared resources and have the experts at hand that otherwise might be out of budget. Full Slate also supports fully staffed associations that need an extra helping hand or specific knowledge for shorter term projects.

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